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History of the Akron Ale House

As you drive through Akron, NY it’s almost impossible to miss the Akron Ale House. Tracing its history back to 1836, the building has stood tall against the test of time and the determination of Mother Nature.

The building, originally known as “The Queen”, shares a lot of the same personalities from whom it gets its namesake, Queen Victoria. Publicly viewed as stuffy and impersonal, a look into her private life reveals her love of singing, dancing and spiking her wine with whiskey. While we don’t exactly recommend this concoction, the Akron Ale House does embrace the tradition of living it up, as so many before us have done at “The Queen” throughout its storied past.

After purchasing the land from the Seneca Nation in 1810, construction on the site began in 1836. Originally built as a two-story wood framed building, the site has played host to a multitude of different businesses since its inception. The first established general store was owned by builder of the nearby Octagon House, Charles Rich, and remained open until the early 1860’s, when it was sold and the first saloon on the site was opened.

Following a fire in 1871, the three-story structure that stands today was created and dubbed “The American Hotel”. During this time, Akron was the fastest growing village in Erie County so business flourished. It’s said that the Mayor of Buffalo, Grover Cleveland, would frequent the establishment in order to escape from what was a very tumultuous political time in Buffalo’s history. Known to spend a lot of his time fishing in Murder Creek, the future president owned a shop in the village and was considered a part-time resident until his departure to Washington.

The American Hotel under numerous owners until our boys came home from war in 1945. At this time, the building was bought by the Newstead World War II Veterans Association and the third floor was converted to hotel rooms.

The most recent occupant, “The Akron House” served the Village of Akron since it opened in 1990. For more than two decades, the tavern served as a favorite watering hole and banquet facility for people all over Akron, Amherst, Clarence and the surrounding areas.

Opening its doors 179 years later, The Akron Ale House is committed to honoring the tradition of its storied past. We’re proud to serve residents of the northtowns with the craft beer and delicious food that Western New York has come to love. Come see for yourself what people in West Seneca and Eden have been talking about, and help us write our own page in the history book.

Open at 11 a.m., Daily!